Private Label Program


FullBodyZen's Private Label Program gives you the opportunity to dive into the thriving CBD industry while creating your own unique private label. When you choose to work with us, you'll gain access to our trusted team of experts, premium quality CBD products, and our personal 24/7 world class customer service. Our team is here for your every step of the way. After we receive your logo and company colors, you can expect your order within just 1 week! Contact our team today to learn more about Private Label Partnering with FullBodyZen.


1. Knowledge & Advice You Need

  • Work alongside a team with 15 Years of experience building a CBD Brand.
  • Receive tips for starting your unique CBD business, industry info, payment processing, and laws and regulations.
  • Work with a single point of contact during your business with us.
  • Gain access to all of our Marketing Materials with no extra cost.

2. Sell Your Products Worldwide

  • Worldwide Shipping.
  • Offer blind-shipping to customers.
  • World-Class customer service.

3. Personalized Guidance & Transparency

  • Receive honest advice on which products to purchase & sell.
  • Third Party Lab Reports available for every product.
  • No limitations or restrictions on which products to select for your brand.
  • Sell supplements cultivated to fit premium quality standards.

4. Customize Your Business

  • Customize product flavors, packaging, and bottles.
  • Receive custom labels to fit your distinct brand identity.
  • No mention of Neurogan on your labels.
  • Special printing options available for metallic, clear, or dark labels.

5. Expedited Shipping & A Low-Risk Investment

  • First orders ship free within 2-3 business days.
  • 50% - 80% off retail prices.
  • Minimum Order Quantity as small as 100 units.


Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Complete our online order form.
  • Submit your logo and company colors.
  • Approve your labels.

Questions? Concerns? Get in touch:

  • Phone: +1 520-261-4404
  • Email:

    It's simple! Fill out the form above, provide your logo, let us know your company colors and our Label Design Team will work its magic. After that, you have two options. You can give us creative freedom, which will still be constrained to the logo and colors you've provided, or you can tell us exactly what you want and we will follow your instructions. Either way, you'll be presented with a couple of label options for your review. Pictured below are a few key, universal points of every label, regardless of the packaging (capsules, bottle, etc.)


    Build Your CBD Knowledge

    • Learn the processes behind cultivating CBD.
    • Read up on Extraction Methods, Laws and Regulations, and more.
    • Follow up blogs and markets to begin expanding your CBD repertoire

    Get Going!

    • Don't spend too much time analyzing
    • Embrace your doubts and start your business.
    • Learning the fast-paced and rapidly-growing CBD market takes time.

    Choose Your Name Carefully!

    • Avoid the Words CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis. It may hinder your ability to work with banks, credit cards, or payment processors.
    • Select a Name Your Business Can Grow with and doesn't identify a single product.
    • Ensure the Domain Name is Available by or domain name registrars.

    Establish Your LLC

    • Establish your Limited Liability Company.
    • Use Legal Zoom and consult with legal figures.

    Design Your Logo

    • Use 99Designs or Fiverr.
    • Find a designer within your price point.

    Work on Your Web design

    • Choose a Web-design platform. We recommend WordPress.
    • Explore Website Templates. Use Woo-Commerce as your hosted shopping cart.
    • Or sKip techincals and hire developers. We recommend Web3 Studios.

    Select a Partner You Trust

    • Having a Quality Product is your #1 Priority.
    • Quality Ensures customers return & share by word of mouth.
    • Build a Brand Customers Trust & Enjoy.

    Open a Bank Account

    • Your account belongs in Health & Nutrition or Personal Care Products, if you are asked to state a category.

    Find a Payment Processor

    • If starting from scratch, you'll have to accept higher processing fees.
    • If you need assistance finding a payment processor, contact us.
    • After 3 months of payment processing, apply for a better rate.

    Start With The Most Popular Product First

    • Don't make the mistake of rolling out too many products right away.
    • Begin with a Best-selling Product, so there's no guessing.
    • As your brand grows, your product line can grow too.

    Bonus Tip: Test the Market

    • If you're still apprehensive about starting your brand, we understand. Try becoming a FullBodyZen Wholesale Partner to gauge interest before starting your own business.
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