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ZzPods | 50mg Melatonin


ZzPods The pod for your nightstand. Nicotine use before bed has shown to decrease sleep quality. On the contrary, melatonin, the body's natural sleep transmitter, is the fastest over the...

Buzz Pods


Buzz Pods Rise and grind with the buzz pod at your side. This caffeine infused pod gives you the most portable form of caffeine available allowing you to access the...

500mg Melatonin Vape Juice


Melatonin Vape Juice 500mg of Pure Melatonin dissolved into a proprietary PG/VG blend. This Zzz Vape Juice will have you sleeping in no time. The Vape Juice for your nightstand....

Single Preroll


Pre-roll These pre-rolls are made with high quality Oregon grown hemp. We have multiple strains available. Look for the lab results below! All hand-rolled made with quality buds! Explore all...

CBD Oil Tincture


CBD OIL TINCTURE We offer broad spectrum, full spectrum, and isolate tincture for all of your CBD needs. All our products are mixed in sterile lab with 30ML of USP...



ZzCart 1 mL Cartridge filled with our proprietary blend of terpenes, VG, and melatonin. The quickest and most natural way to fall asleep when you have a lot on your...

Suver Haze Bud


Suver Haze Suver Haze Suver Haze is a cross of Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. Its powerful aroma and flavor, Suver Haze offers notes of pine, pepper, and sweet...

CBD Lotion 250mg


Pain Cream - CBD Lotion 250 mg Our CBD Lotion is a favorite among our hard-working customers. Unwind after a long day with scents of “Aria’s Asian Garden.” This product...

Quit Pods


Quit Pods Zero Nicotine Juul Compatible Pods designed to be a healthy way to quit juuling and addictive behavior. Quit pods can increase your ability and willpower to quit. How...

CBD Lotion 500mg


Pain Cream - CBD Lotion 500 mg Our CBD Lotion is a favorite among our hard-working customers. Unwind after a long day with scents of “Aria’s Asian Garden.” This product...



Bliss-Stick The top of the line CBD infused Bliss Sticks will soften your lips and bring you to Zen. Our products are made with only the finest ingredients that will...



Dab-Syringe Our Dab-Syringes are designed to streamline the CBD dabbing experience, simply push out a few drops onto any dab rig and enjoy. Our dabs are made with Premium Lab-Tested...

Bubba Kush Bud


Bubba Kush By our far most popular strain, nothing looks better, smells better, or smokes better than Bubba Kush. Bubba offers subtle notes of chocolate and coffee to perfectly complement...

MOON ROLL (Kief Wrapped Preroll)


MOON ROLL We took a king sized Suver Haze pre-roll and wrapped it in CBD Kief. This product smells great the second you open the top. Definitely one of our...

Hemperettes Filtered Tubes


 Hemperettes Includes FIVE tightly packed hemp cigarettes of maximum quality. Perfect for a low-key CBD buzz at your convenience, or enjoyed with friends. For a high-class smoking experience, you...

Raw Cone Prerolls


Hemp Pre-roll Includes TWO tightly packed hemp prerolls. Advertised as .5g but every joint is guaranteed to be above that! These prerolls are made with high quality Oregon grown hemp....

Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice


CBD Vape Juice Made with premium lab-tested Full Spectrum CBD Distillate. These bottles are packed with cannabinoids and flavor. Load this vape juice into your machine of choice, you will not...

CBG Exotic Flower


CBG Exotic Our CBG is a new top-shelf strain. Word on the street is all the cool kids love it. Give it a try today. Total Cannabinoids 15.5% Under .3% Δ9...



CBD Cart 500mg High Quality CBD Cartridges made with premium grade lab-tested Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate. Each cart is 1 mL and contains over 80% CBD offering a big bang for...

TNT - The Ammonia Salt Bottle. It's Dynamite in a Bottle.


TNT Bottle - If a TNT inhaler up one nostril is not enough, try out our explosion in a bottle. Double sealed to ensure potency. Our same blend of ammonia...



Kief Half Gram of PURE HIGH QUALITY KIEF. Taken off of our buds grown in Oregon. This product hits you with a wave of smell the second you screw off...

TNT Inhaler




CBD Pain Cream 100 mg Our pain cream is a classic, it comes with an amazing aroma, and is perfect after a hard day's work. This product is Lab Tested...

Peppermint CBD Isolate Cart


CBD Cart 250mg Made with lab-tested premium grade CBD Isolate. Dissolved in our proprietary PG/VG Blend. Stick with one cannabinoid for your relaxation needs. As expected, our carts are over...


1 lb Cherry Wine


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